Antibodies can cause harm.
Antibodies are produced when the immune system mistakes a healthy tissue for a harmful substance, such as an antigen. When this happens it is called an autoimmune disorder (Beaver 2010).

This disorder can cause - abnormal growth of an organ.
- changes in the way an organ functions.
- destroy one of more types of body tissue.
- significant and chronic morbidity and disability (MedlinePlus encyclopaedia, 2010).

Autoimmune diseases affect more women than heart disease and breast cancer combined. The effects of autoimmune disease have tripled in the last few decades.
It is off the radar because this disease comes in so many different types, so we think of all these problems separately when they are really just one disease with many different appearances depending on your age, sex and genes.

There are over 100 different autoimmune diseases, the most common ones
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Lupus
- Multiple sclerosis
- Inflammatory bowel disease
- Type I diabetes
- Psoriasis
There are many more that affect every part of our bodies.

Your bodies own immune system attacks its tissues rather than foreign molecules like bacteria. Something confuses your immune system. Toxins and metals especially mercury is the main cause of this. Autogens are foreign compounds that create an auto reaction against the self; there are a number of other causes such as hidden infections and allergens which are compounded by our poor diet, our processed diet and stress.

We try to shut down the immune response for autoimmune diseases with powerful medication including:
- Anti inflammatory
- Steroids like prednisone
- Anti cancer drugs
These drugs block the effect of powerful inflammation molecules but they slow down the immune system so much that they increase the risk of cancer or life threatening infections. However, they all have serious side effects and provide very little relief.

Autoimmune diseases are on the rise and environmental chemicals and toxins are fuelling the risk (Hyman, 2008).

Factors effecting immunogenicity Autoimmune disorders : Ultraviolet radiation
Immunosuppression: Adjuvants
Contributed by Sidharsha Naidoo